Case study 3

"Somalia is assessed to be one of the most dangerous places in the world."

"Can we help without getting killed?"


Environment and situation

Somalia is assessed to be one of the most dangerous places in the world. The presence of non Africans are limited and the risk for kidnapping, terror attacks and other criminal activities targeting non africans are extremely high in most parts of the country. The infrastructure is limited and medical treatment can not be guaranteed within critical time.


The client who operated under the UN, had a need for more than security related information. Since the time of exposure on the ground had to be minimized, a team with a coordinator, a security expert and a logistic expert was deployed for the reconnaissance. The final product was to be a written report with supporting images, containing security and logistic facts, assessment and recommendations.

What was the effect?

  • The donor decided to allocate funds for a 5 year program.

  • The project manager and the team from the organization had essential information that could not be derived from any other sources.

  • The time line and budget was modified to be more realistic after inputs from the report.

  • A team deployed initially to Kenya and after preparations also into Somalia. Regrettably the client ignored three of the more important recommendations. This resulted in that two of their international staff became the victims of kidnappers and the exposure in media created a bad image of the organizations way of caring for their staffs safety.

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